Remembering Helen Sisk

We recently lost a dear and valued member of our community: Helen Sisk. Helen served on the Diablo Trust Board for three years and dedicated her life in Northern Arizona to empowering others to achieve their greatest goals. She was known to Diablo Trust members as a passionate, wise woman who was committed to her beliefs, which were focused on environmental and social sustainability. One of her greatest contributions to the Trust was visiting beef processing facilities and investigating the problems and possibilities of a local plant. She was diligent, perceptive, and a pleasure to work with in all situations.

Her cooking was wonderful – she always brought unique and delicious dishes to our campouts, and she opened her home to our Christmas party numerous times. As a hostess she was welcoming and gracious, and provided a wonderful setting for the holidays.

Helen was a friend to many and to all she was a person who exuded happiness, caring, and sensitivity. Most of all, she was a loving mother.

Helen passed away on October 1st. Her obituary can be read here: Norvel Owens Mortuary

Thanks to Judy Prosser and Norm Wallen for their help in writing this message.