Getting to Know . . . Jeremy D. Krones

Jeremy moved to the Flying M in March 2014. He met Kit during a study-away program at NAU called the Grand Canyon Semester. He managed the ranch gardens and farm market for about a year before being hired as the Diablo Trust’s program manager in January, 2015.

Born in:

Frederick, Maryland

Childhood Hero:


Current Hero:

My brother


Music, reading, gardening

Favorite Western:

“The Frisco Kid”

Favorite Western-Wear:


Favorite Ranch Recipe:

Kit’s biscuits

Book You Recently Enjoyed:

“The Brothers Asheknazi” by I.J. Singer

Fondest Outdoor Memory:

Completing the 4-State Challenge (50 miles in under 24 hours on the Appalachian Trail) with friends after winter finals, sophomore year of college. It was a full moon with enough snow on the ground so no one used a headlamp. We started at 3am, got back to the house at 3 the next morning, then had a pizza party when we all awoke.

Possible (or actual) Ranch Nickname:

Button or Kid (I’m actually called both)

Currently Unrealized Life Dream:

Traveling through every continent (including Antarctica)

Favorite Quotation:

“If you’re ever in life and you get bored, it’s probably because you just stopped looking.” - Wayne Ranney