President's Report: Summer 2016

As the new president of Diablo Trust I give my thanks to Judy Prosser for her many years at the helm. I am a Natural Resources Consultant and have been active in Diablo since its beginning 23 years ago. My passion for participation has been in sustaining wide-open spaces in our region.

This newsletter is about “ground truth” in the applied caretaking of the 99% of our region that is non-urban open space, with particular focus on the SE quarter of Coconino County. Before becoming a Coconino County Supervisor, Mandy Metzger was the program manager for Diablo Trust and developed our slogan: “Learning from the land; sharing our knowledge; so there will always be a West.” As springtime welcomes a new growing season on the land, it also begins a new growing period for our Diablo Trust organization in expanding that vision. In our recent 2-day Board Retreat we decided on expanding our public relations outreach to grow our base of 900+ participants/subscribers. In addition to continuing our regular collaborative meetings with the agencies and our public meetings and days-on-the-land, we will be expanding our popular appeal to students, local foods groups, and those interested in the natural resources sciences.

As a collaborative we are not afraid of diversity and complexity as such is essential to the dynamic interconnected web of living systems. A recent book published by UofA Press, Stitching the West Back Together, mentions the Diablo Trust several times as an exemplary grassroots participatory management team ensuring the long term economic, social and ecological sustainability of the area using active community participation in a collaborative land stewardship process. I encourage you to find or cultivate your own special interest area within the Diablo Trust. Check our calendar on the back of this issue, and visit our website for a complete listing of our many areas of interest, including local foods, forest health, plants and monitoring, recreation, wildlife and water.


Norm Lowe is the President of Diablo Trust.