A Cowboy's Poem: The Final Ride

The Final Ride

Brad Matuska

The final ride,
After a lifetime of hardships and failure,
Perseverance and success,
The old cowboy knows his time is soon and he will be laid to rest.
The sunrise was eerie that morning,
A little too quiet some might say,
But the old hand knew today would be the day.
He says his morning prayer and brews a fresh pot;
Same morning routine comes natural
No need for any thought.
He heads to the barn for now he knows
What he must do:
Saddle up one last time and pay your final dues.
He heads for the horizon where he feels at peace,
For a God-fearing man one more prayer for man and his beast.
He prays in time he has done the Lord right,
In fatherhood, friendship, and in the woman he holds so tight.
He tips his hat and carries on the old mare by his side,
For them both the time has come and this
Will be their final ride.

Brad Matuska is a new cowboy on the Flying M Ranch. He's worked on ranches and operations around the west, and we're very happy to have him as a part of our team. We'll be interspersing his poems through Sheila's "A Cowgal's Story" essays. Enjoy!