Annual Letter from the Board

Dear Friend,

As we close out our 24th year, Diablo Trust is grateful for much progress, and for your continued interest and support. Our 426,000-acre area, encompassing the Bar T Bar and Flying M ranches, continues to be managed as working landscapes sustaining our mission:

to demonstrate innovative approaches to restore and maintain the natural processes that create and protect a healthy, unfragmented landscape to support a diverse, flourishing community of human, plant and animal life in the Diablo Trust area for generations to come.

We continue our role as a forum for collaborative land management through our many meetings and Days on the Land between our region’s federal, state, and county land management agencies, land owners, and the public. We started 2016 with our Annual Meeting at the Museum of Northern Arizona, where we had a round of reports from key management groups: Iric Burden for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Criag McMullen for the AZ Game & Fish Department, Laura Jo West for the Coconino National Forest, Mike Macauley for the Coconino Natural Resources Conservation District, and Jim Parks for the Coconino County Cattlegrowers. We also watched the documentary Farmland, about six young American farmers and their lives. The meeting closed with a presentation on our 2015 membership survey and our goals for the future.

Our Annual Campout this year was held in a new location, at the Diablo Canyon boundary between the Bar T Bar and Flying M ranches. We held two Sportsmen & Recreation Days on the Land this spring, and several days of agency-led group forage monitoring were completed this summer to document progress in meeting our collaborative management goals for healthy ecosystems. Diablo Trust has worked with its two ranches over the years to restore over 100,000 acres of open grasslands, significantly improving habitat for pronghorn antelope and other wildlife while improving cattle ranching operations. This coming year the ranches will be doing more restoration work, including installing several miles of pipeline to provide wildlife-friendly waters to much of this area.

We are now publishing three Ground Truth newsletters a year and are remaking our Diablo Trust brochure to help us activate greater community participation in our collaborative land stewardship process. We also host a monthly book club at a local bookstore for rangeland-related reading and discussion.

This is our annual appeal for financial support to ensure the future success of Diablo Trust. Continuation of our collaborative process to achieve common ground, complete land improvement projects, and to involve the full community in Diablo Trust activities all depend on your contribution for our success. We greatly appreciate any contribution you are able to make. Please visit our support page for contribution options.

Thank you, and best wishes for a happy holiday season.


Norm Lowe, President

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers