Ask A Rancher

At the 2016 Annual Meeting we had an hour devoted to an open Q&A with the attendees, which included both undergrad and graduate students from Northern Arizona University, veteran and active Diablo Trust participants, curious newcomers, and friends in the field from multiple local, state, and federal agencies. Attendees were asked to write down questions they either didn’t get to ask at the Meeting, or didn’t want to ask.

From: Liz

How can community or student groups set up trips to come visit the ranches?

If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact Jeremy Krones, Diablo Trust Program Manager, at either or (928) 523-0588, or stop by his office in Peterson Hall (Bldg 22) on NAU’s campus most Mondays through Fridays, between 9:00 - 5:00.

Visits to either ranch are very much what you want to make of them. Most school groups who come out to the –T– and Flying M spend some time talking directly with the ranchers (Bob & Judy on the –T–, Kit on the Flying M) before moving outside to see some of the operation. Sometimes that means taking a drive to a location on the ranch, although depending on the season some groups opt to stay at headquarters to see and learn about the corrals and what happens there. Lunch is usually a brown-bag affair.

Ranch visits are always a lot of fun - every ranch is different, based on the rancher, the cattle, the ecology, and the social environment. A visit to the Flying M is unique from a visit to the –T–, so we suggest you try and visit both!

Jeremy can also do class or community presentations on the Diablo Trust and its participating ranches before the tour, so the students and participants have a better understanding of what they’re going to see and hear. Being able to integrate both classroom and experiential education is highly valuable for all students.

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