Book Review: Claiming Ground

August Book Review by Jeremy D. Krones

Claiming Ground
By Laura Bell

Claiming Ground is a riveting story of a woman’s search for home, peace, family, and future. Laura Bell left her family in Kentucky as a young adult and moved to the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, spending the rest of her life (a long life) as a shepherd, rancher, farmer, clerk, masseuse, wife, mother, and so many other professions and positions.

The largest critique from the Diablo Trust book club was that Bell’s writing style was superficial; she rarely went into great detail about people, although when she spoke about landscapes and even animals, it was evident that she was speaking about her truest loves.

There wasn’t much discussion around the book during the meeting, partially because it was a fairly straight-forward book (which lent itself to superficiality), and partially because there simply was not much to discuss. It is a good memoir, and one for anyone who has moved to the Intermountain West (especially, but not solely, from east of the Mississippi).

We do recommend this book.