A Cowgal's Story: Calving Season

Calving Season

It’s another early morning here at calving camp.

The day started at 2:30am as I crawled out of the comforts of a warm bed and stepped into the brisk cold air of a new day.

I walk out to the heifers and watch one finish having her calf. She moos to it softly as she cleans the afterbirth off. All looks as it should, so I quietly retreat, leaving mother and child as they get to know each other.

After a look around at the other heifers*, I’m convinced they are more concerned with chewing cud than having calves right now. Eventually the sun will rise and I will go make a run through the rest of the herd, who are turned out in hundreds of acres. But for now there is a warm fire waiting inside the cabin and an old enamel percolator perking coffee on the wood stove.

Such is the romance of the West.

Actually it is a romance of sorts. I truly love what I do and feel lucky to have chance to chase the dream.

*noun: heifer; plural noun: heifers, a young female cow that has not borne a calf.