A Cowgal's Story: Tough Birth

A Cowgal's Story:

Tough Birth

by Sheila Carlson

Had to pull a calf this morning that I thought was dead. Mama had been working at it, nose and swollen tongue were hanging out her backside. Got her in and pulled, sad that I didn't come down earlier. Got the head out and it made a noise. I thought at first it was just air escaping. But then that swelled up tongue twitched and an eye opened. I touched near the eye and it blinked. So back to work on getting it out with new resolve. When I had it on the ground, I spent time getting circulation going, especially that head and tongue. Brought mama in with her little fighter and was happy to see her go to work doing her part, cleaning and talking to her calf.

I'm counting this as one of the small victories . . .

Photo by Sheila Carlson

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