A Cowgal's Story: Spring Twins

Proghorn antelope doe with twins

Spring time on the ranch means long hours and hard work. It means running fence and fixing it. It means rebuilding gates, repairing water gaps and getting pastures ready for cattle.

But it's during that time of hard work when you come across something special, something that makes you appreciate this lifestyle and all it entails. It comes when you're out in the middle of nowhere, fixing a broken wire on the fence.

Nobody else is around and there aren't any vehicles allowed where you're at. As you turn to reach for a set of fencing pliers, you catch a small movement in the trees. You walk slowly in the direction of the movement and then stop. And right there in front of you, looking right back at you, is a small antelope, then two. Twins. And there is mama, looking at you too. You hold your breath, waiting to see if they take flight. But they don't run, instead, they begin to nurse. One on each side, as mama keeps a watchful eye on you.

You relax and watch them and realize how very lucky you are to live out here, to have the life experiences that come with the job.

Welcome to a new segment of Ground TruthA Cowgal's Story! This will be a monthly installment by Sheila Carlson, a 'cowgal' on the Flying M Ranch. Through her short reports, you will be able to learn more about ranching and ranchlife in our region. There will also be 'guest posts' by other cowfolks on the Flying M and Bar T Bar ranches.