Fall 2017 • President's Message

President's Message

It’s smart to know both who you are and where you are headed in life. The same is true of organizations which need to keep their supporters informed of their ongoing mission and strategic goals to be met over time. Diablo Trust leaders have recently done a "goal check" and the following summarizes what we as an organization will promote and facilitate in improving quality of life, production from the land and healthy landscape conditions.

  1. Ranchers live in a safe and secure, aesthetically pleasing, and ecologically funtioning setting. They are respected as the key to maintaining land health and open spaces. The rural land culture is prosperous and composed of multiple generations.
  2. The private land owners and federal and state agency staff are the recognized decision makers and they commit to, and participate in, planning, project implementation and resources monitoring. Diablo Trust actively facilitates this process.
  3. To fulfill the first part of Diablo Trust’s motto “Learning from the land, and sharing our knowledge, so there will always be a West,” ranchers, agencies, academia, and community members contribute to expanding our knowledge base about our resources, and our greater community of supporters provides and discusses ideas and resources for the organization’s continued longevity.
  4. To fulfill the second part of the motto, “sharing our knowledge,” Diablo Trust provides relevant education and outreach to its supporters and to the greater regional community.
  5. To fulfill the third part of the motto, “so there will always be a West,” we will sustain our socio-economic and ecological values:
  • Wide-open spaces and scenic beauty are maintained across the landscape;
  • grasslands, woodlands, forests, and riparian areas are well-managed using all available tools;
  • a healthy water cycle predominates on the landscape;
  • organic matter increases in the soil, and bare ground diminishes across all six landscape zones;
  • vegetation is vigorous, has a diverse composition, and varied age structure across all zones;
  • wildlife populations are diverse, healthy, and economically advantageous to both the ranchers and the local community;
  • land-based enterprises continue to be economically advantageous for the ranches;
  • recreation is diverse, well-managed, and compatible with other land uses and economically advantageous to both the ranches and local communities.

I invite you to visit our website to see how you may participate with us in achieving these worthy goals.


Norm Lowe, President