Field Follies: Bigger Hammer

Field Follies

Bigger Hammer


So, this was the start of my monitoring season this year.

I had already had a delightful and what I thought was successful first day out in the field the previous day. I stayed in the office the next morning as I had a very important meeting in the afternoon. The meeting was at 2pm and I needed my work truck to haul the ATV, so I had to leave the office around noon. Around 11am my boss went to grab something from her car and noticed that one of the tires on my work truck was completely flat.

An hour to change the tire, right? No worries.

Ahhh, but those who know me, know me better than that.

I began by grabbing all the tools necessary to change a tire. After wrestling the jack out of a cluttered toolbox, I started loosening the lug nuts. I thought I was loosening the seemingly over-tightened lug nuts. In actuality, I was just stripping one of them smooth. I tried hammering my 4-way on the lug nut, but that wasn't getting me anywhere.

I scrambled to the usual mechanic, looking for tools and ideas, but he was closed. I raced across town to the other mechanic looking for anything I could borrow.

The backup mechanic gave me a couple different sockets to try, a breaker bar, and a Bigger Hammer.

However, at the time I didn't feel like dinging up the borrowed sockets with the Bigger Hammer.

The tools were returned with my charmingly gracious explanation, but he gave me permission to use the Bigger Hammer - as well as a chisel if the hammering didn't work. As my co-workers gathered around like a pit crew, I took the big hammer and, with a couple of solid whacks, drove the socket home. Working like a well-oiled Cooperation Machine, we finally got the tire off of the truck.

Now it was a race against time to get the Bigger Hammer, the socket with the lug nut still inside and the flat tire back to mechanic. While he was patching the tire, I was rushing to the other side of town to purchase a new lug nut.

The first Auto Shop was out of that particular size, so I scurried over to other shop in town to make my purchase. I made haste back to mechanic to pick up the fixed tire. And then back to the office to put on the tire with my pit crew. We finished and, surprisingly, I ended up being only 15 minutes late.

I was happy that I made the decision to get the tire fixed instead of putting on the spare. Especially now that I'm in touch with how my life goes. The next day, as we got back to the vehicles after a long and rough day on ATVs - guess what I came back to?

That’s right, a flat tire - on the other side.