Getting To Know . . . Scott Poppenberger

Getting to Know . . . Scott Poppenberger

Region II Supervisor, AZ Game & Fish Department

Scott graduated from NAU in 1993 and was simultaneously commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve and hired as a Wildlife Manager with the AZ Game and Fish Department. He served in the Reserves until 2002, along with his Game and Fish responsibilities. Scott’s first 7 years as a WM were spent working out of the Region II, Flagstaff office. His first duty post was in Page before transferring to Game Management Unit 5A along the Rim. Scott then transferred to the Prescott area, where he served in several WM districts before being promoted to the Flagstaff Law Enforcement Program Manager in 2014. From there he was promoted to the Region III Supervisor in Kingman, and then finally to his current position as the Flagstaff Regional Supervisor in mid-2017.

Scott has enjoyed pretty much every bit of the first 24 years of his career. He works with some fantastic people is especially grateful to have had an opportunity to work to enhance our community and our environment for the future.

Scott’s wife Deanna is a successful realtor and his daughter Claire is active in school, 4H, sports, and band. They enjoy travel, the outdoors, competing with their horses, and good friends.

  • Born in: St. Paul, MN
  • Current Hero: My wife, Deanna
  • Contribution to the Flagstaff Community: Working to ensure professional delivery of the best, science-based conservation available
  • Books You Recently Enjoyed: The Blue Horizon, and everything else by Wilbur Smith
  • Favorite Hobbies: Hunting, the outdoors, dog and horse training
  • Fondest Outdoor Memory: My 10-year-old daughter's first big game harvest - a whopper of a cow elk
  • Favorite Western: The Cowboys
  • Favorite Western-wear Item: A really good pair of boots
  • Possible (or Actual) Ranch Nickname: 'The Bunkhouse,' our name for our place in Prescott
  • Favorite College Class: Graduation. Oh, wait, that wasn't a class . . .
  • Favorite Quotation:
Reward the slightest try . . .
— Pat Parelli