Hay Meadow Volunteer Day

Hay Meadow Volunteer Day

August 17, 2018


The group listening to Professor Mitch McClaran from the U of A explain what exclosures are and their pros and cons for range science and management.

Collaboration isn’t just about talking together - it’s also about working together!

On Friday, August 17, over 30 dedicated range scientists and ranching advocates gathered together at Hay Meadow, a pasture on the Bar T Bar Ranch on the Coconino National Forest, just across AZ-89 from the Moqui Group Campground, where this year’s Annual Campout Under the Stars was located.

This workday was the transition between the Summer Meeting for the AZ Chapter of the Society for Range Management (SRM), and annual Diablo Trust campout. Both were hosted at the Moqui Ground Campground, a USFS site. The SRM schedule of events, which started on Wednesday, August 15, took the attendees onto the Flying M and Bar T Bar ranches to witness collaboration in action, from how we structure our educational events to projects shared between the ranches, like the Melbourne pipeline project.

On Friday we all met at Hay Meadow to remove an old exclosure initially built to manage the utilization of the pasture by cattle and wildlife. It is now long past the timeline of the exclosure’s original purpose, and the fences and materials are simply obstacles in an otherwise healthy field.

Diablo Trust partnered with Roger Joos from the USFS and the Friends of Northern Arizona Forests to remove the fencing, and were able to do an entire day’s work in just a few hours because of the great turn-out from the SRM crew! We dismantled hogwire/panel fencing, high-wires, and barbed wire fencing that surrounding and cut through the meadow. There was even some fiberglass. Thanks to a generous donation from HomCo Lumber & Hardware in Flagstaff, we had plenty of leather gloves and fencing pliers to handle the fiberglass and barbed wire.

It was a great success for everyone, and we hope we can do more projects like this in the future, with equally amazing, positive, and hard-working crews!