Meat Processors Day on the Land

Meat Processors Day on the Land

March 23, 2018

Perkinsville Meat Processors, Chino Valley

The first Day on the Land of 2018 was a unique one: a group of 18 drove out to Chino Valley to visit the Perkinsville Meat Processors, an 18-year-old family business serving the greater agricultural and sportsman communities of Northern Arizona and beyond. They slaughter cattle from the Flying M Ranch for the local Flagstaff markets.

Attendees were from Flagstaff, Mormon Lake, Ash Fork, the Kaibab National Forest, and Washington State!

Our host was Casey Ducote, a member of the family who is raising her own children to appreciate where their food comes from and how it gets from walking in the field to being on a plate with mashed potatoes.

The group walked through the corrals, chutes, kill floor, and processing rooms, and got to see about five dozen hanging carcasses in the freezer. There was plenty of time for questions, most of which revolved around the day-to-day business of the facility and the laws they have to follow.

After a short tour, we had some time before lunch so the group drove down the road to the Prescott Livestock Auction. It was closed and there were not any animals (aside from the corral horses), but Diana Kessler from the Flying M Ranch was able to give the group a short tour of the facilities and describe what goes on in an auction.

The field trip ended at Casa Granda Mexican Restaurant, a local restaurant that came highly recommended.

By the end of the event the whole group was friendly and conversational, appreciating what they’d seen over the last few hours. While everyone in the group was already at least a little bit familiar with the process an animal goes through to get from pasture to plate, this trip helped bring some visuals to that process.

We look forward to more events this year around our theme, The Economics of Open Lands.