President's Message

These pages show it’s been a good summer for Diablo Trust. Our popular Annual Camp-out was held in a new location in the grasslands on the Diablo Canyon boundary between the Bar T Bar and Flying M ranches.  Also, several days of agency-led group forage monitoring were completed this summer to document progress in meeting our collaborative management goals for healthy ecosystems. 

My career has been working in rangeland conservation. A few years back I earned a Masters in Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University to better focus on sustainable ways we as a society can fit into our wide open landscapes. Noted ecologist Aldo Leopold said it well: “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” The mission of Diablo Trust fits Leopold’s land ethic: “to demonstrate innovative approaches to restore and support a diverse, flourishing community of human, plant and animal life in the Diablo Trust area” including “encouraging ranching and other traditional livelihoods which will sustain the open space nature of the land for generations to come.” Over the years the Diablo Trust has worked with its two ranches to restore over 100,000 acres of open grasslands. The ranches are now in the process of installing several miles of pipeline to provide wildlife-friendly waters to much of this area. This work significantly improves habitat for pronghorn antelope and other wildlife while it improves cattle ranching operations. 

Diablo Trust has done well at facilitating meetings between the ranches and state and federal agencies to assure a balance of multiple benefits are achieved for both managers and the biotic community. A new focus for this fall is to remake our Diablo Trust brochure to help us activate greater community participation in our collaborative land stewardship process. Thanks for your participation. I invite you to visit our web site to find your own particular area of interest.




Norm Lowe, President