Ranch Day on the Land: Bar T Bar

Ranch Day on the Land

October 29, 2017

Meteor Crater, Bar T Bar Ranch

On Sunday, October 29, a small group gathered at the Bar T Bar Ranch Headquarters next to Meteor Crater for a discussion and tour of the facility. This Day on the Land had no ulterior mission except to further educate the public on the goings-on of the ranches, and that’s what the group heard!

The six guests ranged from DT “old-timers” to freshmen students at NAU.

Judy brought out an improvements map as a visual aid to discuss geography.

We started with a visit around the Prosser’s dining room table, with Judy at the head. The talk began with a brief history of the ranch, then meandered its way through water resources, grassland restoration projects, cattle breeds, and the Prosser’s succession plan is. Everyone asked questions and was engaged, whether it was through relaying stories of ranching in their youth or the interest they had in visiting the ranch.

During this discussion, Judy pulled out a map of the ranches (it happened to have both the Bar T Bar and Flying M on it) as a visual aid for her descriptions of locations and areas of the ranch.

Judy demonstrates how to use the hydraulic chute at the headquarters corrals.

Afterwards we all went outside to take a walk around the corrals, to see the steers and bulls, and to learn about the equipment used in “processing” on the ranch (such as vaccinations and branding).

Again, plenty of great questions were asked, such as what the animals are fed at different times of the year, how the ranch keeps track of all of all of the animals, and what the purpose is for branding and ear-tagging.

The morning ended back at the main house for lunch.

Overall it was a lovely morning with some very friendly folks on a beautiful ranch. What else could you want out of a Sunday in October?

The boys in the corrals. We interrupted their lunch!