A Reflection From A Friend

A Reflection

by Garrett Fabian, AGFD

FRSG monitoring session in October 2016: (L-R) Steve Cassady (AGFD), Garrett Fabian (AGFD), Jackie Thomas (ASLD), Joey Dahms (NRCS), and Judy Prosser (Bar T Bar Ranch)

After 14 years of serving in the AZ Game & Fish Department Happy Jack - GMU 5A district, I have decided to move on to another position within the agency, over in Show Low. While I am excited for the new opportunities, it is with a heavy heart that I am leaving. I have made some great contacts and friendships working this district, some of the most meaningful of which were with members of Diablo Trust.

I can honestly call Bob & Judy Prosser friends. What we have been able to accomplish for the good of all wildlife and livestock is impressive. I greatly appreciate their dedication to the land, and I am sure they will continue to work with new AZGFD & USFS employees to benefit the habitat.

As society’s values continues to change, the challenges Diablo Trust and all its members will face to conserve our natural resources will only increase. I can remember giving a presentation in the early 2000s to Diablo Trust about taking the “wreck” out of recreation. Most of our concerns about this were validated throughout my career.

We have worked hard to educate and regulate the public, but in today’s age of selfish ambitions, we are likely just holding steady. It will take groups such as Diablo Trust to think outside the box, like when they first formed in the early 1990s, and lead the way if we are to maintain our natural resources. I look forward to hearing what you all accomplish in the future.


Take care,

Garrett Fabian