Book Review: American Serengeti

March Book Review

American Serengeti

BY Dan Flores

North America used to be chock-full of mega fauna of all shapes, and for anyone who doubts that, I recommend you turn to Dan Flores’ biological history American Serengeti. In only 200 pages, Flores outlines the history, present, and future statuses of six of the greatest animals native to our continent - all of which have become powerful symbols not only of the American West, but the country as a whole: pronghorn antelope, coyotes, horses, grizzly bears, bison, and wolves.

While there are times that he can go from waxing poetically about an animal’s finer traits to explaining basic concepts at elementary levels, Flores’ book is for everyone interested in taking the first step to understanding more about the fauna of the West.

The largest complaint was that sometimes he was too descriptive about certain real-world but very emotional events, like a violent hunt. Even with the clear realism (and maybe because of it), we recommend this book!