Book Review: Lazy B

April/May Book Review

Lazy B

By Sandra Day O'Connor

Descriptive, generational, real.

Those three terms were used with great frequency, and accuracy, in the meeting discussing Sandra Day O’Connor’s memoir of her early life growing up on her family’s cattle ranch in southern Arizona: Lazy B.

While her anecdotes tended to be short and quick, they each packed a punch, thrusting the reader into the world of her youth, drinking with rowdy cowboys at one of the two bars in town, fixing a flat tire while running late to delivering lunch to her father and his crew, and riding horses across the wide open pastures of the Lazy B. O’Connor wrote the book with her younger brother Alan, but it is largely in the first person by her. Her stories struck home for some book club members who grew up on ranches much like hers - it’s still unbelievable that ranching really hasn’t changed in the last 150 years, and O’Connor’s memoir could very well have been based just a few years ago, instead of 70+ years ago.

This is a beautiful look at the story of one of the most influential American women of the 20th century. We highly recommend it!