Book Review: On Trails

July Book Club

On Trails

BY Robert Moor

Trails are everywhere, from the ants marching to and fro to the electrical power that courses all around us, connecting us to each other. And there are trails that go back millennia, to the first creatures (if one could classify them as such) to drag themselves across the mud.

Robert Moor details these trails and so many more in his book, On Trails. In six chapters he catalogues the progression of trails on the Earth from those dating back millennia to those created each and every day, today.

We read this book to pair with our July event, the Sportsman & Recreation Day on the Land, which took place on the AZ Trail where it crosses the Bar T Bar Ranch.

Trails are an important part of all of our lives: from the sidewalks we use to the paths the cattle track through their pastures. Fencelines, roads, even canyons are trails, criss-crossing the ranches, making spiderwebs of connections from end to end.

The book club discussion was primarily about the fascinating facts we learned from the book, but we also talked about building trails, the pros and cons of staying on trails on public lands, and what different trails mean to each of us.

What trails speak to you? Where is your favorite trail?

We recommend reading this book, and thinking about those questions as you do.