Book Review: Revolution On the Range

August Book Club

Revolution On the Range

BY Courtney White

Courtney White is a leader in the “collaborative environmental” community throughout the Intermountain West, and this book works to show the true impact of his words and those of his predecessors and colleagues still working in the field today. White helped found the Quivia Coalition, a conservation companion to Diablo Trust, based in Santa Fe, NM.

In Revolution On the Range, White outlines and examines what he calls the “New Ranch,” ranchers and agriculturalists who value conservation, collaboration, and the public’s education to achieve their goals of holistic sustainability: economic, social, and ecological. He travels throughout the West, from Montana to Arizona, interviewing ranchers, farmers, and environmentalists about their personal environmental ethics as they pertain to our common goal: a unified, healthy West. We all come from different places with different ideas, but when we embrace the Radical Center, as White emphasizes in his book and in his work, we find that we share more in common than not.

We highly recommend this book as both an introduction and continued reading for anyone interested in collaborative conservation, environmental education, and working lands topics.