Book Review: This House of Sky

Every bookshelf in the western United States ought to include a book by Ivan Doig, and This House of Sky is probably the best choice of all his books. Ivan Doig, much like Wallace Stegner and A.B. Guthrie, wrote from his own experiences – This House of Sky is a memoir that delves into the vast landscape of his youth, from his personal interactions with his conflicted yet loving father to the beautiful range on which he rode from such a young age.

The book club discussed the conflicts of Doig’s life, and how such a verbose and eloquent writer could have come out of such a rough ’n tumble atmosphere, of cowboys, bars, and wild animals. As poetic as his writing was, however, it did go too far for some readers. For all its expressiveness, the core meaning was sometimes lost in the language. Ultimately, though, Doig painted unbelievable portraits of his childhood in This House of Sky, and communicated his messages of family, strength, and a love of nature to every reader.

The book club loved reading This House of Sky, and it was unanimously agreed to read another Doig book soon. This book comes highly recommended.