Book Review: Wildlife Wars by Terry Grosz


Wildlife Wars: The Life and Times of a Fish and Game Warden by Terry Grosz

by Alexandra Voorstaan

Terry Grosz has written about his personal experiences as a Fish and Game warden and it reads like a cops and robbers adventure. I'm not a guy and this was not my kind of book, but what I liked about Wildlife Wars was that it showed a culture that I was not familiar with. Many of these stories allowed me to understand, if not agree with, the point of view of generations of families that hunted and fished without permission from the government and wanted to continue to do so.

The thing I like least about the book was the repetitiveness of the introductions to each story. The book needed some serious editing in the openings of the twenty chapters. But, the book generated a great discussion in the club meeting! Not highly recommended, but an interesting read.