Notable Awards

  1. USDA Forest Service 2006 National Rangeland Management Award
    1. “In recognition of your outstanding efforts to promote sound rangeland stewardship on the Coconino National Forest”
  2. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association 2006 Regional Environmental Stewardship Award & 2006 National Award Finalist
    1. “In recognition of your outstanding stewardship practices and conservation achievements protecting the environment, improving fish and wildlife habitats, and leaving the land in better shape for future generations while also inspiring the next generation of land stewards”
  3. Arizona Cattlemen’s Association 2006 Environmental Stewardship Award
    1. “In recognition of your outstanding contribution to environmentally beneficial stewardship of natural resources”
  4. Natural Areas Association 2006 Carl N. Becker Stewardship Award
    1. “The Diablo Trust confronted several seemingly intractable issues and used the diverse skills of its membership and an open approach to consensus building to identify solutions to protection of wildlife habitat on the Colorado Plateau. We acknowledge the dedication and sustained commitment of the Diablo Trust, which has insured that thousands of acres of habitat will sustain viable wildlife populations for the enjoyment of future generations of Americans. In building effective conservation partnerships, the Diablo Trust serves as an example to other groups of what can be accomplished by working together in support of conservation. The Natural Areas Association 2006 Carl N. Becker Stewardship Award honors the dedication, commitment, vision and leadership of the Diablo Trust to conservation and stewardship of natural areas.”
  5. Arizona Association for Environmental Education 2004 Organization Award
    1. “In recognition of valuable contributions to Creating Land Stewardship in Northern Arizona”
  6. Arizona Farm Bureau 2003 Environmental Award
  7. NAU Center for Sustainable Environments’ Treasure Keeper Award
  8. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Award, 1998
    1. “In recognition of your efforts to protect and preserve the environment.”
  9. National Partnership for Reinventing Government Laboratory
    1. “The Diablo Trust is hereby designated a Reinvention Laboratory to demonstrate innovative approaches to restoring and maintaining the natural processes that create and protect a healthy, unfragmented landscape to support a diverse, flourishing community of human, plant and animal life in the Diablo Trust Land Area. Through mutual support and cooperation with the local community to insure the future of:
      1. Sustainable long-term health of the natural resources
      2. Sustainable rural economies from natural resources management
      3. A community-based forum for resolution of resource issues
      4. Recognition of the landowner/producer as a keystone in the long-term health of natural resources, the production of food, and stability of the community
      5. A productive and appealing environment

All federal agencies are requested to cooperated with the Diablo Trust within the constraints of statute as set forth in the President’s memorandum to all executive departments and agencies dated April 21, 1998.”

Diablo Canyon Rural Planning Area (RPA) Awards

  1. Arizona Governor’s 2006 Excellence in Rural Development In the Economic Development category for “Innovative Economic Development Practices”
  2. Western Planners Association Sheldon D. Gerber Merit Award for Excellence in Environmental Planning, 2006
  3. Diablo Canyon Rural Planning Area: Evolving Traditions in a New Economy
  4. Bar T Bar and Flying M Ranches, The Diablo Trust, and Coconino County
    1. “For Outstanding Achievements in Environmental Planning”
  5. Arizona Planning Association Award