Projects Overview

Through our Diablo trust collaborative learning process, we are evaluating the effects of management, recreation, climate, fire, and time on more than 450,000 acres of private and public lands. As we learn from the land, we also work to restore it.

The ranchlands provide "hands-on" proving grounds for collaborative land management ideas.

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Mending a fence through a draw

Taking down a fence

Tying wire to a fencepost

Each project is administered by a Diablo Trust Working Group. Click here to see a working list of Diablo Trust projects. Most projects are initiated and completed with collaborators.

In 2010, with the collaboration of state and federal agencies representatives, we created the Collaborative Resource Operational Plan (CROP). This plan documents projects implemented on Diablo Trust lands including brush management, water improvements, prescribed burns, and facilities implementation. The CROP plan and project database helps facilitate the transition of in-coming and out-going agency personnel that work closely with us.

At the 2015 Sportsman's Day on the Land, discussing water and wildlife projects on the Flying M Ranch