Working Groups

A Day on the Land (Diablo Trust archives)

Diablo Trust working groups serve the biological, economic, and social sustainability of the Diablo Trust lands and community. Some of the board and working groups’ completed and ongoing projects include:

An educational tour (Diablo Trust archives)

  • A Biological Assessment and Evaluation (BA&E). The successful management of the lands, waters and resources, including threatened and endangered species, is integral to the future vision of the Diablo Trust. The Trust is in the process of developing a method to keep information current relative to endangered species and habitats.
  • A detailed land management plan for all 426,000 acres of Diablo Trust’s federal, state and private lands. Included in the plan are proposals to: restore historic springs and grasslands, create wildlife corridors, and protect endangered and threatened species habitats.
  • A comprehensive inventory of all Diablo Trust riparian areas. Diablo Trust piloted Best Management Plans for livestock grazing as they relate to clean water issues. This effort helps to insure an adequate and dispersed water supply for wildlife as well.
  • Grazing studies conducted by Northern Arizona University and Prescott College to compare results from various grazing management techniques.
  • An inventory of all federal, state and private monitoring sites. Diablo Trust is piloting a monitoring process that will enable management decisions to be timely and responsive to habitat conditions and wildlife needs.
  • A hands-on education program for grades 6-12 to educate children as to their role in the maintenance of healthy ecosystems. Diablo Trust is writing a curriculum and producing a video to be used in Arizona schools.
  • “Reflection’s of the Land, Diablo Trust Forum for the Arts" bring artists to the land and their work the gallery. Almost 100 artists participated in this program.