"Learning from the land and sharing our knowledge . . .
so there will always be a West."

The Diablo Trust is a 501(c)(3) land management team created in 1993 to promote the social, biological, and economic sustainability of over 426,000 acres of intermingled federal, state, and private lands southeast of Flagstaff, AZ, by engaging in a collaborative process that is in harmony with the natural environment and the broader community.

All of us, whether born here or transplanted, share a common vision of the American West — a place of grandeur and diversity, filled with wildlife, prehistory, and pioneers. We each work hard to achieve those goals, in our own unique ways, either individually or with a community.

Diablo Trust is a place to share that vision.

The Diablo Trust covers more than 420,000 ares of gorgeous northern Arizona landscape, where ranchers and others have lived for generations (Diablo Trust archives)

Ranchers, environmentalists, federal and state land managers, scientists, recreationists, and other volunteers are working together to achieve a variety of shared goals. These include:

• Sustaining open space
• Living in balance with biodiversity
• Producing high quality food
• Restoring watersheds
• Creating stable, living soils
• Achieving community

Diablo Trust News

My involvement in the Diablo Trust for the past twenty years has convinced me that it is a model for saving what we all profess to value about the West.
— Norm Wallen, environmental activist & Diablo Trust board member