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Diablo Trust


All of us, whether born here or transplanted, share a common vision of the American West — a place of grandeur and diversity, filled with wildlife, prehistory, and pioneers.

Diablo Trust is a place to share that vision.

Ranchers, environmentalists, federal and state land managers, scientists, recreationists, and other volunteers are working together to achieve a variety of shared goals. These include:

• Sustaining open space
• Living in balance with biodiversity
• Producing high quality food
• Restoring watersheds
• Creating stable, living soils
• Achieving community

We are constantly learning from the land and sharing our knowledge... so there will always be a West.

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Diablo Trust is a model
                for saving what we all profess to value about the West.
                -Norm Wallen, environmental activist

Visit the High Country Conference Center Gallery through January 26th, 2015


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