Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the long-term economic, social & ecological sustainability of the Diablo Trust land area by providing a forum for active community participation in a collaborative land stewardship process.

“Learning from the land and sharing our knowledge, so there will always be a West”

“Learning from the land” is a commitment to monitoring projects incorporating a range of ecological, social, economic, and collaboration indicators designed to provide information of value to both researchers and land managers. The Diablo Trust is committed to demonstrating the utility of such information.

“Sharing our knowledge” reflects our culture of collaboration and openness, as well as our commitment to educational efforts. The Diablo Trust has engaged and continues to participate in the following endeavors, among others: producing, in cooperation with Coconino County, the first Rural Planning Area in Arizona specific to working landscapes; producing a field-based curriculum unit and classroom video on rangeland health and related issues; presenting to local, state and national groups; participating in governmental study/policy recommendation groups; and developing, in conjunction with Northern Arizona University, a ‘living university’ on Diablo Trust lands.

“So there will always be a West” is not a nostalgic statement. Rather, it embodies our forward-looking commitment to working ranches as long-term, economically viable enterprises, while maintaining unfragmented landscapes and restoring ecosystems. We integrate economy, ecology, and community in our exploration of a wide-range of sustainability opportunities, including the use of alternative energy sources, transfer of development rights, and the establishment of a 'living laboratory' for assessing the feasibility of growing and marketing local foods. It is our hope to serve as a collaborative land management model for other rangelands and sustainable land projects.

Where We Are

These lands are included in the Diablo Canyon Rural Planning Area (RPA) established by the Coconino County Board of Supervisors on August 16th, 2005. Approximately one-third of the Diablo Trust land base is private lands owned by two historic Arizona ranches, the Flying M Ranch and the Bar T Bar Ranch. The remaining two-thirds are comprised of federal lands managed by the Forest Service and state trust lands managed by the Arizona State Land Department.

. . . it is our hope to serve as a collaborative land management model for other rangelands and sustainable land projects across the west and beyond.

Sportsman's Day on the Land 2015: representatives from Diablo Trust, AZGFD, and other organizations (Credit: Jeremy D. Krones)