Our mission is to ensure the long-term economic, social & ecological sustainability of the Diablo Trust land area by providing a forum for active community participation in a collaborative land stewardship process.

Through collaborative stewardship and dynamic research, Diablo Trust protects open space, wildlife, and local food, provided by working lands in Northern Arizona. Along with a robust team of long-standing partners, we have restored over 100,000 acres of grasslands, regenerated hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, and facilitated a volume of research to promote health of ranchlands in the West.

Over 25 years, Diablo Trust has developed an award winning model for collaborative stewardship of working lands. We are honored to have been recognized for our work through the following awards:

  • USDA Forest Service 2006 National Rangeland Management Award

  • Arizona Cattlemen’s Association 2006 Environmental Stewardship Award

  • Natural Areas Association 2006 Carl N. Becker Stewardship Award

  • Arizona Association for Environmental Education 2004 Organization Award

  • Arizona Farm Bureau 2003 Environmental Award

  • Northern Arizona University Center for Sustainable Environments’ Treasure Keeper Award

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Award, 1998

  • National Partnership for Reinventing Government Laboratory

  • Arizona Governor’s 2006 Excellence in Rural Development

  • Western Planners Association Sheldon D. Gerber Merit Award for Excellence in Environmental Planning, 2006

  • Arizona Planning Association Award

. . . it is our hope to serve as a collaborative land management model for other rangelands and sustainable land projects across the west and beyond.