Land Projects

The Diablo Trust believes strongly in land stewardship, the practice of carefully managing land usage to ensure natural systems are maintained or enhanced for future generations.

We are interested in caring for the system as a whole by:

  • understanding the fundamental roles and values of natural systems;

  • building up biological fertility in the soil;

  • incorporating an understanding of the ecological cycles on the landscape (water, energy, nutrients); and

  • learning how land-use practices can either benefit, be in harmony, or negatively impact these cycles and other land-users, flora and fauna.

Our on-the-ground land projects are ongoing and encompass a wide variety of management objectives, including:

  • Grassland restoration / juniper removal

  • Restoration of historic springs

  • Improving pronghorn habitat

  • Creation of wildlife habitat "parks"

  • Developing and maintaining wildlife corridors

  • Water provision for wildlife and cattle during drought

  • Improving water tanks