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Seses Seminar 9

The SESES Seminar #9 will be presented by Rebecca Best from the Northern Arizona University. She will present a talk titled:

Evolutionary Origins and Ecological Consequences of Trait Variation In Aquatic Communities

The seminars are held in Building 19, Physical Sciences, Room 103. Refreshments will begin at 3:45pm. Please try to bring your own mug for coffee or tea.


Biological diversity has important consequences for the ways that ecosystems function, but we are only beginning to understand how to effectively measure the specific differences among and within species that control their ecological impacts. This understanding is especially critical in light of global change scenarios, as some species will be much more likely than others to sustain ecosystem functioning under rapid changes in the temperature and distribution of aquatic habitats. Importantly, the ability to understand, predict, and conserve future biodiversity is rooted in the past, as both deep-time and rapid contemporary evolution shape the functional contributions and ecological resilience of key species. I will explore ways ecology and evolution can be combined to improve our understanding of aquatic systems now and in the future using work on invertebrates and fish in both marine and freshwater systems.