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SESES Seminar 4/20/17 - Dale Burns, Stanford University

  • Northern Arizona University - Frier Hall South Knoles Drive Flagstaff, AZ, 86001 United States (map)

Dr. Dale Burns, Stanford University, will be giving a talk titled "From the crystal to the arc: Using crystal-scale variations to understand the development and evolution of continental magmatic arcs"

  • Refreshments: 3:30
  • Talk: 4:00
  • Geology Room 223

Burns Talk Summary

The pressure-temperature-time pathways associated with continental arc magmas can be very difficult to evaluate owing to complex interactions between ascending mantle-derived melts and the overriding continental lithosphere. In the past 25 years, the advent and proliferation of techniques that utilize compositional and isotopic information from individual crystals has greatly enhanced our understanding of these systems. In this study, we utilize a combination of in situ intra-crystalline radiogenic isotope ratios and mineral thermobarometry to investigate the ascent pathways of mantle-derived mafic magmas as they traverse ~60 km of continental crust in the central Andes. In addition, we explore how compositional and isotopic variations captured in individual crystals can record arc-scale tectono-magmatic changes.